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Finance & Fundraising


We hope that VMAS can be a place for volunteers to hone their skills, exercise creative passion, try something new and challenge themselves.

We are looking for VMAS Finance & Fundraising Coordinators to join our team.

Coordinators will act as a team to help the committee:

  • Plan, execute, and maintain annual as well as discretionary budgets.

  • Assist committees in securing funding for approved events, and initiatives. 

  • Work with the Alumni Association to increase the financial capabilities of VMAS. 

  • Organize fundraising events for the Veteran & Military Center, VMAS, and student scholarships. 

  • Coordinate and organize fundraising events with VMAS Mission Support organizations. 

  • Identify fundraising opportunities with other Alumni Association Societies and community partners. 

  • Identify, prepare, and submit opportunities for federal and state grants that support the VMAS mission. 

  • Actively support Wright State and Alumni Association events such as "Wright Day to Give". 

  • Assist VMAS in building the Finance and Fundraising Committee.

We are eternally grateful for those who choose to share their time with us. We hope our organization can give our volunteers a place to grow both personally and professionally.

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