Membership and Engagement Coordinator

​Coordinator activities include;

  • Manage all member/non-member inquiries regarding membership.

  • Connect future veteran and military-connected graduates with each other and local resources.

  • Coordinate and support VMAS marketing campaigns.

  • Help create, manage, and distribute content through digital and social media platforms. 

  • Coordinate engagement activities with our members, partners, and the community. 

  • Assist VMAS in building the Membership and Engagement Committee

Finance and Fundraising Coordinator

​Coordinator activities include;

  • Assist committees in securing funding for approved events, and initiatives. 

  • Organize fundraising events for the Veteran & Military Center, VMAS, and student scholarships. 

  • Identify fundraising opportunities with other Alumni Association Societies and community partners. 

  • Identify, prepare, and submit opportunities for federal and state grants that support the VMAS mission. 

Professional Networking and Mentoring Coordinator

​Coordinator activities include;

  • Build relationships with local recruiters, act as a point of contact for new graduates to recruiting resources.

  • Connect future veteran and military-connected graduates with established trusted resources.

  • Organize networking events connecting students with local employers and groups through the Veteran and Military Center.

  • Assist in building the Professional Networking & Mentoring Committee. 

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