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Networking and
Mentoring Coordinator

We hope that VMAS can be a place for volunteers to hone their skills, exercise creative passion, try something new, and challenge themselves.

We are looking for VMAS Networking & Mentoring Coordinators to join our team. Coordinators will act as a team to help the committee:

  • Build relationships with local recruiters to serve our members. 

  • Act as a point of contact for current students and new graduates interested in VMAS resources. 

  • Build relationships with local resources that will enable the future success of our community. 

  • Connect future veteran and military-connected graduates with established trusted resources.

  • Research and engage local companies with Veteran employment goals or teams.

  • Organize networking events connecting students with local employers and groups through the Veteran and Military Center.

  • Assist VMAS in building the Networking and Mentoring Committee.

Join The Organization

We are grateful to those who choose to share their time with us. We hope our organization can give our volunteers a place to grow both personally and professionally.

Thanks for submitting!

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