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Our committees are the driving force behind our organization. If you are interested in joining VMAS to help grow the organization, learn about our coordinator opportunities within each committee. 

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While each of our Committees has a specific focus, the organization works collaboratively to ensure our goals are met. The Executive Committee is composed of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and the Chairs of each standing committee. The ELT consists of the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer who must be VMAS Individual Members to serve a two-year election term.


Committee Chair positions are also two-year terms and selected by the ELT. Chair members must be VMAS Individual or Champion members. Each Committee also has Coordinator roles that help VMAS execute our mission and vision. Coordinator roles are designed to give active volunteers the opportunity to try new things, fine-tune existing skills, or exercise their network/ expertise.

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The Membership & Engagement Committee keeps us connected and engaged! Volunteers in this committee drive VMAS recruitment, manage current membership, and plan volunteer activities that support our members, partners, and the community. Committee Coordinators may be asked to; manage VMAS social media, plan volunteer events with local organizations, plan/ execute recruiting strategies, engage with existing members, or develop marketing strategies.


Want to help us grow our organization in person and online? The Membership & Engagement Committee may be for you.

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The Networking & Mentoring Committee creates opportunity! Volunteers in this committee provide personal/ professional support, organize networking opportunities, assist those looking for employment, share knowledge/ expertise, and connect those who can make each other successful. Committee Coordinators may be asked to; establish/ manage relationships with employers, participate in mock interview/ resume reviews, actively assist those looking for employment, or create content to share their knowledge/ experience.


Does the thought of helping others grow personally and professionally excite you? The Networking & Mentoring Committee may be for you.

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The Finance & Fundraising Committee enables our success! Volunteers in this committee organize fundraising, manage the VMAS budget, engage with vendors, create/ manage event budgets, and secure donations. Committee Coordinators may be asked to; organize in-person/online fundraising opportunities, secure donations for raffles/ giveaways, prepare financial reports, ensure vendor accuracy, or engage with the Alumni Association.


Do you enjoy enabling people with the resources they need to succeed? The Finance & Fundraising Committee may be for you.

Learn About Our Coordinator Opportunities Within These Committees

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