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Ken Folino | Member Highlight

Meet Ken Folino, Wright State Alumni, and member of the Executive Leadership Team as Treasurer of VMAS. Ken served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Marine Corps and was deployed to Iraq in 2004. He earned a degree in Business Financial Services and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Wright State University in 2016. Ken is also part of the VMAS Steering Committee, meeting every week with the core members to plan and develop the organization.

Life after the Military

Ken was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and currently lives in Oakwood with his wife and his two-year-old daughter, and his five-month-old son. Fun revolves around them these days and they like to get outside when they can. Ken and his wife are working on designing their future forever home that will be built just outside of Brookville, Ohio. For the past 8 years, he’s been employed as a civil service employee at Wright-Patterson AFB negotiating Air Force acquisitions contracts. He also works part-time for Cassel Insurance Agency working for his wife's family business. Working two jobs is difficult especially at home in a global pandemic, and with a new baby, but Ken likes that every day is different. He enjoys the importance of negotiating large contracts for the Air Force and the relationships built in working with his insurance clients. If he manages to sneak out, you can find him on the local golf course.

Member of VMAS

Ken went to the same high school as VMAS Founder, Anthony. A few years ago while attending a local football game, they ran into each other and Anthony shared the idea of VMAS. Now, Ken has been a part of the steering committee helping lay the foundation for how the society will function going forward. Ken will help the Finance and Fundraising Committee, helping figure how to raise funds for VMAS initiatives and how to best serve the Wright State veteran community. He is currently involved in recruiting new members, meeting with industry partners for networking, and generating a buzz by spreading the word about what VMAS is trying to do.

Ken is the type of person that will go out of his way to try to help other Veterans. Having had people help him along with his transition from military life to civilian life, being part of VMAS is his small way of trying to give back.

“I would like the VMAS community to know that I am here to help you, whatever that may mean, finding a job, mentorship, guidance, advice. I am offering to help with anything I can and if I can't, I might be able to put you in touch with someone who can. With the rate of Veteran suicide, there is no reason any Veteran should feel so alone and overwhelmed that they are contemplating suicide. We all took an oath together and just because I am not longer serving in uniform and we didn't serve together, we are all forever connected and need to be there to pick each other up when we are down.”

If you are interested in joining VMAS to volunteer with Ken or need support or guidance, please email us at

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