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An Introduction to Wright State VMAS

With the assistance of the Wright State Alumni Association and Veteran & Military Center, the Veteran & Military Alumni Society at Wright State University was founded in February 2019. The purpose of VMAS is to support the veteran and military-connected graduates of Wright State University as well as our members and the community. We have big ambitions, and right now our steering committee is working hard to build a foundation for the future success of our organization and those we support.

Currently, our organization is driven by a steering committee. This committee has developed numerous documents, templates, and communication platforms while also building capabilities and automation into our new website. Over the next few months, our goal is to recruit enough members to not only hold formal elections, but to also form the core of our three support committees.

The Professional Networking & Mentoring Committee serves the veteran and military-connected students and graduates of Wright State as they prepare for life after graduation. Members of this committee will assist VMAS as we work to provide coaching, mentoring, resume assistance services, and more.

Those who wish to serve as committee coordinators will;

  • Build relationships with local recruiters

  • Act as a point of contact for new graduates in recruiting resources.

  • Build a database of local professional resources that will enable the future success of our community. 

  • Connect future veteran and military-connected graduates with established trusted resources.

  • Research and engage local companies with Veteran employment goals or teams.

  • Organize networking events connecting students with local employers and groups through the Veteran and Military Center.

  • Assist VMAS in building the Professional Networking and Mentoring Committee.

The Membership & Engagement Committee serves the organization by driving VMAS membership, managing our social media presence, and creating original content that supports the mission of VMAS and the VMC. We are looking for those who wish to design, create, and manage content that fits the VMAS brand as well as coordinate content provided by our partners and VMAS Champions.

Those who wish to serve as committee coordinators will;

  • Manage all member/non-member inquiries regarding membership, coordinating the elections for committees, and carrying out day to day committee goals

  • Build a database of membership status within VMAS 

  • Help implement and administer effective outreach programs or events

  • Connect future veteran and military-connected graduates with each other and the community built by VMAS with the support from marketing campaigns

  • Assist VMAS in building the Membership and Engagement Committee

The Finance and Fundraising Committee advises on the annual budget while also coordinating fundraising efforts that support VMAS as well as Veteran and Military Center and Alumni Association scholarships. Members of this committee will organize fundraisers, coordinate volunteer events, and identify potential avenues of revenue for VMAS.

Those who wish to serve as committee coordinators will;

  • Plan, execute and maintain annual as well as discretionary budgets

  • Work with the Alumni Association to increase the financial capabilities of VMAS. 

  • Organize fundraising events for the Veteran & Military Center, VMAS, and student scholarships.

  • Assist VMAS in building the Finance and Fundraising Committee.

  • Coordinate and organize fundraising events with VMAS Mission Support organizations. 

We are honored to be a part of the Wright State University community. With the help of our members, we can establish our presence now and for years to come, as we support the Veteran and Military connected students and graduates of Wright State University.

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