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VMAS | The Beginning

In October 2011, the Wright State Veteran's League student organization was founded. In the first few years, the group accomplished numerous goals including;

  • Revised Wright State attendance policies and by-laws in support of active and reserve service members being activated during school.

  • Created a Veterans Affairs Adviser position on Student Government.

  • Assisted in launching veteran-specific courses, include the Personal Memoirs class, giving veterans an opportunity to write their own memoirs of their time in service.

  • Through numerous meetings, continued engagement with the university and the collection of over 3,000 signatures, helped influence Wright State to invest ~$1.5 million dollars in constructing a new Veteran and Military Center.

In August 2013, the Veteran and Military Center was opened. This space became dedicated to assisting veteran and military-connected students of Wright State as they learn, grow, and thrive. The VMC has accomplished many goals, including;

  • Opening a Wright State charter within the Student Veterans of America.

  • Working with NPR to launch the Veteran's Voices Project, honoring the stories of Veterans past and present. These stories are featured on NPR and archived in the Library of Congress.

  • Becoming locally and nationally recognized for their services and initiatives in support of the Veteran and military community.

  • Assisting thousands of federal benefit users at Wright State University, ensuring their benefits paperwork is properly processed and submitted.

  • Collaborating with the Wright State Alumni Association in numerous areas, including organizing the beginnings of what is now the Veteran & Military Alumni Society.

In February 2019, the Veteran & Military Alumni Society at Wright State University is officially chartered through the Wright State Alumni Association. The VMAS exists to support the veteran and military-connected graduates of students of Wright State as they begin life after school.

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