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Spring 2024 Major Mixer

The spring 2024 Major Mixer with the Wright State Veteran & Military Center was held at the Wandering Griffin on Thursday, January 25th. This recurring event enables VMAS to build relationships between Veteran & Military-Connected students, alumni, and local professionals.

At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, VMAS hosts a 'Major Mixer' with the Wright State Veteran & Military Center (VMC). This event focuses on connecting students and local professionals in a laid-back setting, with free food provided by the VMC and free drinks provided by VMAS. This recurring event is open to students, alumni, local employers, and recruiters. The primary goal of the mixer is to provide a space where these groups can connect personally.

For students, this event offers an opportunity to understand how their field of study is applied to different career paths. How a degree is leveraged can vary greatly depending on factors like industry and job title, these conversations can help students understand some of these variables. This event also gives students the chance to get feedback on local employers, giving them valuable information as they prepare to take on their next professional challenge.

For local professionals, this event provides a space to give back to the next generation of professionals. Local professionals can share their industry knowledge, identify potential interns/employees, learn about student research assistance, or just simply have a fun evening networking. Regardless of personal or professional goals, this event is an enjoyable evening with delicious food, cold drinks, and good company. Keep an eye on our calendar to join us for our next Major Mixer in September 2024.

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