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Paul Fleischman | Member Highlight

Meet Paul Fleischman, Wright State Alumni, and Chair of the Finance and Fundraising Committee. Paul served in the United States Marine Corps from 2000 through 2006 and earned a Bachelors's degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wright State University in 2013. Paul heard about VMAS through a fellow Marine he served with, who currently serves as the VMAS Treasurer. Paul noticed what Ken Folino was up to with VMAS on Facebook. After learning more about our mission and realizing he could help fellow veteran/military connected Wright State students, he signed up.

Life after the Military

Paul works for the City of Dayton Water Department as an Environmental Compliance Coordinator focusing on groundwater protection. He loves his job and he's proud of his work. The opportunities provided to him while attending Wright State University enabled Paul to create a professional network that undoubtedly helped him get the job he wanted. Dayton has been home to Paul all his life, besides when he was in the Marine Corps. He grew up in Dayton and now lives in Centerville with his wife and two daughters. One of Paul’s favorite things about Dayton is what the region has to offer; hundreds of miles of paved and natural trails, parks, and fun things to do. You can find Paul running on a nature trail, mountain biking, fishing, spending time with family, and enjoying the local breweries.

Member of VMAS

As current Committee Chair of the Finance and Fundraising Committee, Paul’s goal is to assist VMAS with identifying fundraising opportunities to support our objectives. His efforts will allow us to support our members as they work toward graduation and the transition into their careers. Securing donations will enable us to provide networking opportunities, scholarships, and assistance for whatever the next step may be.

“Both the military and Wright State played such a big part in my life and they have both helped me succeed in so many ways, so I want to be able to help others succeed.”

If you are interested in joining VMAS to volunteer with Paul or have fundraising opportunities, please email us at

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