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News | Q3 2022

VMAS Q3 Summary

We are adjusting our calendar to align with the Wright State Alumni Association calendar fiscal calendar. What does this mean? Not much for our members. For our Executive Committee, it means we have now aligned the timing of how we plan and execute our annual goals against our annual funding period. Not enough excitement for you? It’s also an election year!

Every two years we hold elections for our Executive Leadership Team (ELT). This consists of electing the three roles required by the Alumni Association; President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. These positions are required to be Wright State Alumni but are not required to have a military or veteran designation. Elections will be held in Q1 of 2023 with additional details being made available closer to the election period. To learn more about our process and how the last election cycle went, read our 2020 Election Results blog.

Interested in learning more about VMAS? Join us for our weekly meeting each Thursday at 7 PM on Google Meet and learn more about the team and how you can help!

Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River

VMAS has committed to volunteering time each summer to support events held by local non-profits. This summer's Great Miami River Clean Up was one of two volunteer events we took part in this summer. "The Clean Sweep is an annual volunteer event focused on removing trash and restoring the health of the Great Miami River. This river cleanup is about much more than picking up trash. It’s a day for communities to demonstrate their desire for clean water and healthy rivers. It’s an opportunity to learn about our river, and it’s a time to come together with your families, your neighbors, your community, and your friends to accomplish something vital and worthy on behalf of our Great Miami River." Learn more by visiting

Fall Semester 2022 Major Mixer w/ the Wright State Veteran & Military Center

On September 1st we co-hosted the Fall Semester 2022 kick-off with the Wright State Veteran and Military Center (VMC) at the Wandering Griffin in Beavercreek across from campus. This was the third iteration of this recurring student-focused event series which serves as a way to connect students and alumni at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. As with each semester kick-off, fresh pizza was continually restocked courtesy of the VMC and drinks were flowing courtesy of VMAS. This event happens at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester, keep an eye on our events page to join us for our Spring 2023 kickoff in February.

Second Annual VMAS Golf Outing

On a beautiful fall Saturday, 56 of our biggest supporters made their way to Beavercreek Golf Club to tee it up to support the VMAS 2nd annual golf outing. With support from the mad hackers who signed up to play, this year we also had twenty-three sponsors made of a mix of individuals and local corporations. One of our most significant and first-ever Hospitality Sponsors was McGillivary & Ippisch Wealth Advisors. Learn more about the golf outing by reading the event blog or checking out our photo gallery.

Wright Day to Give!

This year's Wright Day to Give campaign was able to draw over 1,000 donors totaling more than $200,000 in funding. During this year's event, VMAS chose to raise funds for the VMC Excellence Fund. During the campaign, we were able to raise $499 for the fund, and with our $250 match, we were able to provide $749 to the VMC for their fund. Thanks to all who donated and mark your calendar for next October's annual Wright Day to Give.

Resource Highlight | Veterans Day

Veterans Day is coming up and there are a lot of ways to fill the day. You can visit one of our many local memorials, attend a ceremony, visit the Miami Valley Military History Museum / Air Force Museum, or take advantage of an array of available discounts.

Upcoming Events

Our annual recurring events calendar continues to grow and we are looking for help! Stop by one of our weekly meetings or send us an email to learn how you can help.

  • Fall 2022 Graduation Event - November 2022

  • Spring 2023 Major Mixer - January 2023

  • Cornhole Tournament - March 2023

  • Fiscal Year 2024 Voting Period - April 2023

Support the Alumni Association by attending one of their events, purchasing a Wright State license plate, or by becoming a Wright State Alumni Association Gold Member for as little as $50 a year.

Don’t forget to check out the Wright State Alumni Association calendar for more events.

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