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VMAS 2021 Goals

We begin 2021 with a newly elected Executive Committee and a list of goals for our organization to accomplish. Our Executive Committee includes our formal leadership team and representatives for each of our standing committees, working collectively to develop the resources we need to support current and future members and supporters. Our goals will evolve as the year progresses with updates being provided during each of our monthly meetings, which are now open to the public.

In this new year, we are dedicating resources toward getting to know our members and supporters. Throughout 2021 we will continue to develop our site, social media, and the resources we use to share our story and mission. We will continue to publish our quarterly newsletter, regularly update our blog, and provide updates through email and during our monthly meetings.

In 2021 we will distribute surveys for students and alumni aimed at gaining the feedback we need to chart the future course of the organization. We are working with the Alumni Association as well as the Veteran & Military Center to understand how we can supplement the services provided by each team to better serve our members. We are also planning events that will see a mix of digital and in-person opportunities as the year progresses.

For the first part of the year, we are working with the VMC to organize an event to welcome new graduates into the Alumni community. We will use this opportunity to deliver a gift to these new graduates, welcoming them to the VMAS family. In August we are planning out first golf outing at the Beavercreek Golf Club. This event will connect our members, supporters, as well as students to kick off the new academic year. We have a lot planned for this event including door prizes, a post-play meal, and a $10,000 hole-in-one prize courtesy .

2021 will be a busy year, and we are ready to make our presence known on and off campus. We will continue to develop our relationships with the Alumni Association, VMC, Wright State, and other supporting individuals and organizations. Interested in getting involved? There are plenty of ways to get involved and help make a difference. Have specific questions? Reach out to us at

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