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The 2021 VMAS Golf Outing

On August 28th we held our Inaugural Golf Outing at the Beavercreek Golf Club. While each member of the VMAS team played their part in the planning and execution of the event, it was VMAS Treasurer Ken Folino who truly enabled this event’s success. Ken’s experience and leadership was key in every aspect of the outing and the VMAS team wants to thank him for all the extra time he volunteered to make sure this event went smoothly.

For our first outing we were able to provide golfers with 14 different raffle packages, free swag, prizes, food, drinks, and more. Raffle package options included Kiss tickets, household items, food gift cards, autographed Ohio State memorabilia, and alcohol/ swag from local establishments to include our most popular package, a trio of bottles from Belle of Dayton distillery. We also worked with Veteran Owned and Operated ‘Bottle Breacher’ to create unique giveaways and prizes for those in attendance. Every golfer received a VMAS 7.62MM bottle opener while first place received a 40MM bottle opener, second received a frag grenade opener, and third received .50 CAL openers.

2021 VMAS Golf Outing 'Bottle Breacher' Prizes

The morning started out beautifully for our golfers, with an overcast sky and the temperature right around 70. Golfers were able to enjoy their first half of play and mid-play meal from Arby’s before things got a little more heated. In the second half of the day, the temperature and competition picked up. There were a number of additional challenges on the course that awarded golfers with even more prizes. From closest-to-the-pin to the $10,000 Hole-in-One challenge made possible by Cassel Insurance, we did our best to keep our guests engaged and challenged.

As teams began completing play, we broke into lunch provided by Lee’s Famous Recipe and kept the bartender busy inside. Once all teams completed we announced raffle winners, awarded the top 3 teams, and thanked all those in attendance. From beginning to end, the outing lasted around 6 hours and everyone had a blast. We look forward to doing this again next year with more golfers, prizes, lost balls, broken clubs, and shenanigans. From the VMAS team, THANK YOU to the people and organizations who made this possible and to those who spent their day with us!

Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters;

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