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VMAS Election 2020

ATTN: VMAS Individual and Champion Members,

VMAS is currently looking to fill its Executive Committee, which consists of the Executive Leadership team and the Chair of each standing committee. The election process will take place on-line, with VMAS distributing the ballot to the email address registered within the VMAS Individual Membership database.

Executive Leadership Team

Per Alumni Association regulation, these positions can only be filled by Individual members. To learn more about the requirements and expectations of each position, please see the VMAS Constitution and ByLaws.


  • This individual will be a liaison between the Wright State University Alumni Association and the local alumni to serve the interests of both groups.

  • Ensure VMAS plans are developed and finalized

  • Lead meetings and functions, often operating as a master of ceremonies at social functions and meetings.

  • Serve the role as an official committee member of all VMAS committees.

  • Responsible for the distribution of e-mail information sent in collaboration with the Membership & Engagement committee

  • Duties of position:

    • President or designee shall preside over all VMAS meetings.

    • Maintain a presence at VMAS events at least 75% of the time.

    • Exercise all powers and perform all responsibilities delegated by VMAS.


  • The most common obligation of the Vice President is to stand in for the President as needed. It involves being ready to assume the position as President, which in turn means this individual must be informed of all plans or policies.

  • Serve as the chair of some of the most important VMAS events.

  • Ensure the alignment and execution of VMAS annual and monthly goals.

  • Keep record of VMAS votes, resolutions, and proceedings. This information shall be forwarded to the appropriate Wright State University Alumni Association staff member.

  • Duties of position:

  • Perform such duties assigned by the President and Bylaws shall be vested with all of the powers and responsibilities of the President during the absence or disability of the President.

  • Maintain a presence at VMAS events at least 75% of the time.


  • Responsible for maintaining an account of all VMAS funds.

  • The Treasurer serves as co-chair of the Finance & Fundraising Committee.

  • Duties of position:

  • Oversee and maintain all VMAS finances and provide reports of financial status to the Executive Committee.

  • Manage and record all monetary actions during VMAS events.

  • Grow the financial capabilities and health of VMAS and it's partners

  • Maintain a presence at VMAS events at least 75% of the time.

The Executive Leadership Team shall be elected and serve a term of two (2) years until their respective successors are elected and qualified, or until a written resignation is provided. There are no term limits on executive leadership or committee chair positions.

Qualifying members who wish to declare candidacy for an Executive Leadership Team position must complete the Executive Candidate Declaration Form provided by VMAS. Notice of Executive Leadership candidates will be distributed to the members of the VMAS by email and social media.

Committee Chairs

  • Professional Networking & Mentoring - serve our members as well as the veteran and military-connected students and graduates of Wright State. Support efforts include coaching, mentoring, resume assistance, and more.

  • Membership & Engagement - lead efforts to increase VMAS membership and plan volunteer activities that support the Veteran and Military Center, the Wright State Alumni Association, and the community.

  • Finance & Fundraising - assist in the management of VMAS finances and budgets while also coordinating fundraising efforts that support VMAS, the Alumni Association, Wright State, and the Veteran and Military Center.

The selection of committee Chair positions will be executed by the Executive Leadership Team within thirty (30) days after an election. VMAS Individual and Champion members can declare themselves eligible for Chair position selection by completing the Committee Chair Candidate Declaration provided by VMAS.

Chair positions will be filled by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Leadership Team. If a two-thirds vote can not be made, existing Chairs of each committee shall vote. The candidate who receives a majority vote shall be recognized as the committee chair.

You must hold an Individual or Champion Membership. Please register at our Membership page, then submit your declaration by Friday, November 27th, 2020.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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