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VMAS / VMC Fall Semester Kick-Off

On September 17th we co-hosted a Semester Kick-Off event with the Wright State Veteran & Military Center. The event was held at the Wandering Griffin across from campus and included food and drinks for those in attendance. VMAS representatives were able to meet Vet/Mil/dependent students, ROTC cadre/ cadets, and dependent students during this event and began collecting feedback on how our organization may be able to enable their future success.

This event was part of our on-campus initiative, working with the VMC to connect with students throughout the academic year. The initiative includes four events with the VMC each year, one at the beginning and end of the Fall and Spring semesters. The goal of these events is to connect students with local professionals, recruiters, and supporters throughout their academic career. Through these events we hope to create relationships and opportunities that enable the success of Wright State students, our members, and those we support. The end of semester event includes awarding the graduating class with their VMC graduation stoles while welcoming them to the Alumni community. Are you interested in helping Veteran and Military connected students and alumni? Looking for somewhere to volunteer or simply meet new people? Check out our Membership and Committees for more information.

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