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Emily Pleasant | Member Highlight

Emily is a 30-year-old Dayton native who currently lives in Chicago, where she works as the website content manager for an online retailer of small-batch spirits. She earned two Associates degrees from Sinclair Community College in 2018 and she was a previous student at Wright State University and Ohio University years beforehand. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, traveling outdoors, enjoying local eats and drinks, and building her online consulting company.

Her passion for brand marketing has helped Emily share the stories behind brands through creative, engaging content. She built and designed the VMAS website, manages our social media channels, and contributes to building organizational operations.

“I am excited and honored to work alongside VMAS Founder, Anthony, as I help him build this organization to its fullest in order to best serve our veteran and military-connected Wright State Alumni. I’m most looking forward to building this community for them and seeing the positive results. Working remotely from a distance has its challenges, but I love that I can live in one area and still be involved in building something amazing for my hometown of Dayton.”

If you are interested in joining VMAS or volunteer your skills with Anthony and Emily, please email us at

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