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News | Q2, Q3 2020

While COVID-19 has slowed down our plans for sponsoring and hosting live events, we have continued to develop the tools, resources, and relationships to be successful in the future. The VMAS Steering Committee has been meeting weekly during Q2 and Q3 to review progress against our organizations goals.

Q2/ Q3 accomplishments include;

  • Doubling Individual Membership

  • Identifying and developing relationships with the Sinclair Military Family Education Center and the Wright State College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

  • Meeting and engaging with our members. In one case, we were able to identify an opportunity to offer assistance to a Wright State Alumni and Veteran with increasing the visibility to a scholarship established at Wright State

  • Improving social media management resources by creating and scheduling marketing initiatives through our Membership & Engagement Committee Pathfinders

  • Creating resources such as a federal hiring process introduction through our Professional Networking & Mentoring Committee Pathfinders

  • Gathering the rules, regulations, and resources needed to raise funds for VMC programs and scholarships through our Finance & Fundraising Committee Pathfinders

  • Redesigned business cards and brochures as we build the VMAS brand

Redesigned VMAS Brochure Panel

In September we had our first Monthly Members Meeting with representatives from the Veteran & Military Center and Veteran's Voices joining us. We look forward to next month's meeting and getting to see some of our members again. Interested in joining our monthly meeting? Go to our membership page to find your membership type and fill out our form to receive an invite to our Google Meeting.

Come join us as we continue to build our organization through Q4 and into 2021. We are looking to fill leadership roles in our Executive Committee as well as VMAS Committee Chair positions as we transition out of our Steering Committee period. Our goal is to provide our volunteers with an opportunity to try new challenges, fine tune existing skills, or share their industry expertise in ways that support our members and our mission. To learn more about how to volunteer, see our Volunteer Opportunities page.

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