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Spring 2022 Semester Kick-Off

On February 23rd we hosted our Spring 2022 Semester Kick-Off with the Wright State Veteran & Military Center at the Wandering Griffin in Beavercreek. This event is geared toward connecting new and returning veteran and military-connected students to alumni and local supporters. This is part of a series of social events we regularly hold with the VMC to keep us connected to the student population. In time, these regularly occurring events will help us understand how we can support the next generations of graduates as they enter an ever changing job market.

We had a great turnout for this event with over 30 people joining us food, drinks, and good company. VMAS representatives were able to connect with vet/mil students, ROTC students/ cadre, faculty, alumni, family, and supporters. At the end of Spring semester, we will co-host a graduation event to welcome the newest class of graduates to the alumni community. To find out more about our graduation event, check out our blog from last spring's graduation.

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