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News | Q2 2021

The Wright State Veteran and Military Alumni Society has had a busy second quarter for 2021. We are excited to review what we have accomplished in Q2 while also sharing what we have coming up for the rest of 2021. Our plans continually develop throughout the year so make sure to stay updated through our social channels @WrightStateVMAS and come back to our site regularly.

Welcoming the Newest Class of Alumni

On April 17th, 2021 we hosted an event with the Veteran & Military Center to welcome the newest class of Vet/ Mil graduates to the Alumni community. This was the first of what will become a regularly occurring event with each graduating class. We met new alumni, got to know them and their needs, passed along the VMC Graduation Stole, and shared a little bit about VMAS. Learn more about our event, see pictures, and watch a video put together by Veterans Voices here.

The VMC, Veterans Voices, and VMAS welcome the newest class of graduates.

Member Highlight | Paul Fleischman

As Chair of the Finance and Fundraising Committee, Paul’s goal is to assist VMAS with identifying fundraising opportunities to support our objectives.

“Both the military and Wright State played such a big part in my life and they have both helped me succeed in so many ways, so I want to be able to help others succeed.”

Learn more about Paul by reading his Member Highlight.

VMAS 2021 Golf Outing Preparation

Golf Outing 7.62 opener and top 3 team prizes

On August 28th we will be hosting our inaugural VMAS Golf Outing. This is our biggest fundraising event and helps us achieve our mission of supporting the Veteran and military-connected graduates of Wright State. Registration includes swag, raffle tickets, food at hole 9, a post-play meal, drinks, and more.

Sign up and walk away with the 7.62-round bottle opener in your swag bag. Place first for the 30MM, second for the grenade, or third for the .50 cal. Open your bottles in style! Learn more and register here.

VMAS Events

Have you been to our events page lately? Throughout the year you can find links for our monthly meetings as well as information for new and upcoming events. Don’t forget to check out the Wright State Alumni Association calendar for more events.

VMAS July Open House | July 14, 2021

VMAS August Open House | August 4, 2021

VMAS Golf Outing | August 28, 2021

VMAS/ VMC Fall Semester Kick-Off | September 17, 2021 (Event details being finalized)

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