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Steven Strain | Member Highlight

Meet Steven Strain, Wright State Alumni, and a member of VMAS. He earned a B. A. Criminal Justice at Wright State in 2012 and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton in 2015. Steve served in the United States Marine Corps. He plays a vital role in the VMAS Steering Committee. Steve found VMAS through Executive Committee members Paul Fleischman and Ken Folino, as they were running miles for dollars in their first fundraising drive. Seeing fellow Marines getting involved made him want to start attending meetings and learn more about the organization.

Life after the Military

After law school, Steve started his own business. After five years of private practice, He was hired to the Veterans Legal Counsel at the Montgomery County Veteran Service Commission. There, he provides no-cost legal counsel and representation to veterans. Originally from St. Louis, Steve grew up in Dayton where he met his wife. They currently live in Kettering with their 8-year old daughter. As a family, you can find them getting out for a hike or hitting up local restaurants.

Member of VMAS

Steve is a practicing attorney and he tries to help bring some of that knowledge to the table for the organization. He always has great insights during meetings and asks the right questions, keeping all the committee initiatives in mind. His positive attitude keeps us uplifted and his insightful ideas keep us on our toes, even if we go over 5 minutes ;)

“At the first meeting, I realized that this organization was all about helping their fellow vets advance their education and careers, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of that.”

If you are interested in joining VMAS to volunteer with Steve or are in need of legal services, please email us at

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